Leading from the front


The United States is experiencing an unprecedented mental health and addiction crisis. Nowhere is this felt more than within the Veteran community where an estimated 20 Veterans take their own lives every single day.
We are a coalition of Veteran-led organizations committed to ending the Veteran suicide epidemic by any means necessary.



Our mission is to lead in the fight to prevent suicide and deaths of despair – not only for Veterans – but for all Americans – through increased access to safe and affordable psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Developing state-based and VA healthcare system expanded access pilot programs for MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapy for Veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, suicidality, and related complex co-morbidities.

Securing federal and state appropriations for pilot programs to fund the training of providers and treatment of Veterans.

Streamlining the process for research of Schedule I Controlled Substances, such as ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT, which Veterans are currently utilizing with high success rates in other countries.

Opening immediate access to MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted therapies through the federal Right to Try Clarification Act for a small subset of Veterans who are at serious risk of suicide and have exhausted all other options.


Reason for Hope and the Veteran Mental Health Leadership Coalition are proud to support the reintroduction of the Breakthrough Therapies Act, authored by Senators Booker (D, NJ), Paul (R, KY), and Representatives Deane (D, PA) and Mace (R, SC).

If passed, this legislation will accelerate the research and deployment of psychedelic medicine and assisted therapies that have been granted breakthrough therapy status by the FDA, and are eligible for Expanded Access. Read more here. The full bill text can be found here.

The Veteran Mental Health Leadership Coalition and Reason for Hope file Amicus brief, urging DEA to immediately reschedule psilocybin.

The VMHLC and Reason for Hope are proud to join advocates in urging the DEA to reconsider its stance on the scheduling of psilocybin amidst a rising mental health crisis, and a mounting body of evidence that suggests psilocybin is safe, effective, and could potentially save lives. Read more here. The full Amicus brief can be found here.

VMHLC in Senator Cory Booker’s announcement of the Right to Try Clarification Act 
VMHLC Letter in Support of the Right to Try Clarification Act
VA Committee Hearing on Suicide Prevention – VMHLC Statement